I live in a small terrace in between Leeds and Wakefield. It's had dry rot, woodworm, damp and the render is falling off the front. But when I open my bedroom curtains in the morning this is my view. It's hard to describe the impact of this being the first thing you see each day, but I know it has made me feel more connected to my environment and definitely more appreciative of the constant beauty that surrounds you but can often be unnoticed in the rush of everyday life. 

Nature often suggests colour combinations we might overlook and I think this photo is an example of that. I'm totally in the love with the soft, woolly feel of our new Pip Colourwork yarn and immediately pulled out four shades inspired by this image- Endeavour, Bishopthorpe, Rose Window and Brass Band:

I just wouldn't have thought to put these four colours together unless I had seen that picture, but now I can't wait to make a colourwork project using this combination- a Sawley hat perhaps from Coopknits Toasty 2 collection, or a Threipmuir sweater by Ysolda. The fun part is deciding of course!

baa ram ewe Pip Colourwork, £3.20 per 25g ball.

Pip has a beautiful handle: soft and squishy yet with enough grip to bind the shades together. We’ve chosen 15 shades from our signature baa ram ewe palette to launch with which, as always, blend together beautifully. And the name? Pip comes from the traditional Swaledale ‘Yan Tan Thethera’ method of sheep counting: Yan (one), Tan (Two), Tether (Three), Mether (Four) and Pip- our Fifth baa ram ewe yarn!
100%  British Wool 
Yardage: 126 yds 
Needle size: 2.5mm to 3.5mm