Field Notes: Join the baa ram ewe Dachs-Off!

Join the baa ram ewe Dachs-Off and make your own Dashing Dachshund!

With his characterful face and colourful coat, it's easy to see why our Dashing Dachshund has become something of a favourite with our customers. Over the next few weeks, we're updating the pattern and will be releasing a new version soon.

While Dashing Dachshund is having his make-over (we'll share the new version in Field Notes soon), we thought you might enjoy having a bit of fun with us, and him - and the shades of Titus.

Introducing the baa ram ewe Dachs-Off - a competition to put your creativity to the test and see who can create the most fun and striking dachshund. Our Jane has started the ball rolling by creating Heinz, above. She used White Rose, Rhubarb, Viking, Bishopthorpe and Lotherton.

So why not join the baa ram ewe Dachs-Off? This is your chance to create your own Dashing Dachshund using any shades of Titus you want, and send us a picture of the results. 

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Vicky Carr
Vicky Carr