Christmas was busy but I did manage to squeeze in a little knitting here and there (of course). I’m currently working on a wonderful shawl called Reyna by Noora Laivola. This is a free pattern on Ravelry, you can find it here. It can be knitted in any 4ply yarn and would look lovely in our Titus!

 I'm a Harry Potter fan and I have joined the Hogwarts at   Ravelry Group with encouragement from our wonderful     Joelle and am playing as a Fifth Year in the Order of the   Phoenix. I am currently in orientation and in order to be   sorted into a house (Gryffindor, hopefully!), I have to   submit projects and earn points that will follow me to my   future house once I have become an actively sorted student. I have a few projects in mind and may consider more (as long as time doesn’t get ahead of me) - an owl, a wand, a bookmark, a feather, a Cauldron or Pewter.

You can wander around the castle and chat in different rooms to get to know everyone including those in other Houses. Come and join me and Joelle and get crocheting or knitting Harry Potter themed projects!

On the other hand what I am most looking forward to knitting /crocheting this year are baby clothes and toys, including  a top knot baby hat. I am going to be an Auntie again come June/July! (HUGE EXCITED GRIN ON FACE). Question is, will it be a boy or girl ?

 Of course I will have to make something for my 2yr   old niece too so she doesn't feel left out. Perhaps   a Toft Emporium doll with many clothes to change   into? Or maybe a cute Toft Alien from Edwards ImaginariumYou can get really carried away with these little cuties! From giving them a different colour for each body part, hair or no hair, stripes or spots, to giving them endless amount of arms and legs - the choice is yours. Get creating your own and share your pics with us!

I definitely need to create a spreadsheet to keep track of what I need to make and when it needs to be made by. Eh hem Joelle I need your help please!

Happy knitting and crocheting!