Never tried wool socks? Wondering what all the fuss is about. When the temperature drops and autumn creeps in those cotton socks in your drawer are going to do nothing to keep your toes toasty. When cotton gets wet, it loses all its insulating properties, so you might as well not bother with socks at all, like one of those trendy brogue-wearing hipsters. You might not have leaky boots or go jumping in muddy puddles, but your own perspiration will still mean you’ll end up with damp, cold feet.

So pop on a pair of wool socks and let the magic begin! What makes a wool sock so great?

  • If you’ve knitted a wool sweater, or worn a wool jumper of kind you’ll know just how insulating wool is. If it’s nippy outside, a pair of wool socks will feel so warm and snuggly on your feet.
  • Ever wondered how sheep cope with those long wet months out in the hills and dales? Well wool can actually hold a third of its weight in moisture before it even begins to feel wet.
  • Even if your socks do get wet or sweaty, wool still maintains its insulating properties when damp so your feet will still feel warm.
  • Smelly socks? Wool also has natural anti-microbial properties because bacteria tend to be attracted to smooth positively charged surfaces like those of synthetic fibres rather than the scaly, neutrally charged surface of the Merino fibre. It’s the bacteria that makes the smell, so reducing this reduces any odour.
  • And because wool doesn’t get smelly, you don’t actually need to wash your socks every time you wear them- just give them a good airing and they’ll be fine, reducing your energy bills too!