Carrie the Cuttlefish

Meet Carrie the Cuttlefish! Our favourite little mollusc! Make up your own Carrie using our crochet kit but first, let's get to know her;

Species: Little Cuttlefish (Sepiola atlantica) 

Age: Adult but still only 5cm long!  

Home Sea: She loves a little cove at Jet Wyke in Staithes on the Yorkshire Coast but her cousins can be found in waters all around the UK    

Likes: Rockpools, burrowing in the sand and hide & seek 

Dislikes: Old plastic cups,  muddy waters  and big fat seagulls  

Fact: Carrie isn't really a cuttlefish, she's a bobtail squid but that's ok though we don't mind. She can change her colouring to match her surroundings and produce tiny puffs of ink to get away from any nasties. 

 Kit includes; Yarn, pattern, stuffing, 5mm safety eyes. 

All you need is a 4.00mm crochet hook to get started. 

Type: Gifts & Kits

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