Joelle the Jellyfish

Meet Joelle, our most mysterious jelly who has travelled oceans afar! Make up your own Queen of the sea using our crochet kit but first, let's get to know her;

Species: Jellyfish (Drymonema larsoni or "Pink meanie")

Age: Immortal 

Home Ocean: The warm bountiful waters of the Pacific 

Likes: Floating around aimlessly and surfing   

Dislikes: Nasty sharks and nosey Tuna 

Fact: Jellyfish don't have brains but that doesn't make them stupid, their nervous system runs throughout their body so it's really like one big brain! Sometimes young crabs use jellyfish to hitchhike so they don't have to swim, we wonder if they have tiny tickets!  

Kit includes; Yarn, pattern, stuffing, 5mm safety eyes (alternatively you can embroider the eyes using black or grey thread). 

All you need is a 4.00mm crochet hook to get started. 

Type: Gifts & Kits

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