Toasty 3 Collection

Just when you thought you'd got over your crush on our new Pip Colourwork yarn, one of our favourite UK designers Rachel Coopey designs these four new hats as part of her 'Toasty' range. After releasing two volumes of accessories in our gorgeous Titus yarns, Rachel's new hats feature her signature colourwork combinations, clever cables and unique shade selections. Inspired by native UK wildflowers they are as delicate as they are bold. Click on each pattern to see yarn usage and materials.
Brooklime bundle
Brooklime bundle £15.00
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Coop Knits - Sea Holly
Coop Knits - Sea Holly £3.75
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Pip Colourwork
Pip Colourwork from £3.50
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Coop Knits - Brooklime
Coop Knits - Brooklime £3.75
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Coop Knits - Silverweed
Coop Knits - Silverweed £3.75
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Coop Knits - Reedmace
Coop Knits - Reedmace £3.75
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