Support baa ram ewe through Covid-19

Support baa ram ewe through Covid-19

Help us raise £20,000 by donating here

Support baa ram ewe through Covid-19

Why are we fundraising?

Like so many small independents, Covid-19 has created an uncertain landscape for baa ram ewe and with the new lockdown, we're facing a new set of challenges that we've not faced before. We've been incredibly grateful to have received such generous support from our customers over the past year, and have worked tirelessly to bring new and exciting products to excite and inspire you.

While we hoped 2021 would mark the beginnings of a recovery, we instead find ourselves in a new lockdown. With many of our local mills closing once again it's a growing challenge to get the stock we need to be able to keep our business operating as usual. Our strong commitment to making luxurious and authentic wool as locally as possible isn't easy under normal circumstances, and these added restrictions only make things even more difficult. The new lockdown has affected many of our community of retailers, who themselves are unable to trade in store and consequently order our yarns. This has historically accounted for 50% of our business.

Through help from the furlough scheme we have managed to retain all members of our team on full wages and want to be able to continue this throughout lockdown and beyond.

We’re now at a critical point where we may no longer be able to make our unique lines of British wool for an unknown period of time and feel we have no other choice but to asking for your help to see us through this time until we can start making our wonderful wool for you once again.

What are we aiming to raise?

It has been a hard decision to make but we are appealing to raise £20,000 to help baa ram ewe operate through this current lockdown by continuing to support our staff, stock our shelves and get back on track with creating a whole new range of exciting collections. We have spent the past few months developing new ideas, ranges and products to share with you that we know you will love...just as soon as we are able to make them for you. 

We understand these are difficult times for everyone and we are grateful for any support you feel you can give us. To show our appreciation we've created a few 'rewards' for donations that we hope you enjoy. 

Thank you in advance for your support.

Graeme, Jane and Sarah and Verity.