Our Yarns

"The drape and softness of a sleeping cat". Clara Parkes, Knitter's Review
"delicious". Kate Davies, www.katedaviesdesigns.com


baa ram ewe's Titus is a stunning, luxurious natural 4 ply with a Yorkshire accent. We've always been passionate about showcasing the rich variety of British sheep breeds and yarns that exist and often daydreamed about what our perfect yarn would look and feel like, and it’s just like this! We wanted the base of our yarn to be a celebration of the quintessential Yorkshire sheep, the Wensleydale.

With its beautiful long Rastafarian locks, this gives our yarn a gorgeous silky drape often hard to find in wool. We then blended it with the finest of all the British sheep breeds, the Bluefaced Leicester, and added another little Yorkshire surprise, which gave us the inspiration for its name.

Our shades have also been inspired by our Yorkshire surroundings, blending together perfectly for a stunning palette of colour. Our 'Eccup' is named after a local reservoir, a beauty spot which is home to a colony of rare Red Kites. And our 'Coal' celebrates an industry that, just like wool production, was central to the fortunes of Yorkshire but has sadly now declined. 

Our lovely Titus yarn can be purchased directly from us here at baa ram ewe, both online and in store. We also ship worldwide, so you might find a local stockist on your doorstep!

Yardage 350 yds / 320 m per 100g hank
Suggested needle size 2.75 - 3.25mm (US 2 - 3)
Fibre content

50% Wensleydale Wool 
20% Bluefaced Leicester Wool
30% British Alpaca 

Care Hand Wash only
Made in Yorkshire, England



Our Pip Colourwork is a 100% British wool blend which is sold at trade in packs of 20 x 25g balls and knits to a standard 4 ply weight, with 126 yards on the ball. Like all our yarns it has a beautiful handle: soft and squishy yet with enough grip to bind the shades together. We’ve chosen 15 shades from our signature baa ram ewe palette to launch with which, as always, blend together beautifully.

And the name? Pip comes from the traditional Swaledale ‘Yan Tan Thethera’ method of sheep counting: Yan (one), Tan (Two), Tether (Three), Mether (Four) and Pip- our Fifth baa ram ewe yarn!

Yardage 126 yds / 116 m per 25g ball
Suggested needle size 2.75- 3.25mm (US 2 - 3)
Fibre content A blend of British wools 
Care Hand wash
Made in Yorkshire, England



Our brand new Winterburn range throws the spotlight on another one of our wonderful Yorkshire sheep breeds, the Masham. The Masham has a smaller ringlets of fleece than the Wensleydale but with added bounce and loft that it gets from its hill-loving male ancestry, the Dalesbred. In fact, female ‘gimmer’ -or lambs- were considered so pretty that farmers would tie ribbons in their fleece before taking them to market and Sheep Fairs which continues to this day in the North Yorkshire town of Masham, from which this sheep breed gets its name.

Winterburn dk was launched in 2018 and is our gorgeous replacement for Dovestone dk. A shortage of Wensleydale fleece means that we are unable to continue to produce enough Dovestone dk to guarantee supply to our trade customers. Spun to the same spec and yardage, Winterburn dk works perfectly with our Dovestone dk patterns and design collections and is available in the same shade range.

Yardage 252 yds / 230 m per 100g hank
Suggested needle size 4 - 4.5mm (US 6 - 7)
Fibre content 50% Bluefaced Leicester Wool
25% ecru Masham
25% dark brown Masham


Care Hand Wash only
Made in Yorkshire, England.