Individual Wool Dryer Balls

A sustainable woolly alternative to liquid fabric softener and cheaper too! 

These are made from waste yarn that is 100% British fibre with nothing synthetic or nasty added. Our wool dryer balls are lightly felted to keep their patterning and by using wool they're are quieter and more gentle on clothing than plastic products. By eliminating the use for chemical softeners you remove the residues that can build up in your dryer. 

With your wet washing, pop 2 or 3 dryer balls into the tumble dryer. When you've finished you can leave them in the tumble dryer to save on storage. As this product ages it will begin to pill due to the nature of wool. The pills on your dryer ball will actually increase its surface friction, resulting in softer clothes for you. However, if you don't like them just snip them off with a razor or a fabric shaver.

How do they work? 

As they bounce around your tumble dryer they open up the items to allow for quicker drying, up to 30%! They eliminate fabric softener by softly pummeling your washing without damaging them. No more dryer sheets as they also collect stray chemicals, dyes and smells to leave your washing extra fresh.   

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