King Cole Pattern 2942 fingerless gloves on straight needles

This is a lovely pattern for pretty cabled fingerless gloves which comes in four sizes for children and adults.

You also get a pattern for a corsage, too.

For gloves to fit age 3-5, we suggest Cygnet Wool Rich 4ply.

You will need 1 50g ball, and 3mm and 3.

25mm knitting needles.

For gloves to fit age 6-11, we suggest King Cole Merino Blend DK.

You will need 2 50g balls, and 3.

75 and 4mm knitting needles.

For gloves to fit age 12-15 and adults, we suggest Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester Aran.

You will need 4mm and 4.

5mm needles for the teenage size and 4.

5mm and 5mm needles for the adult size.

For the corsage you will need small amounts of five shades of DK.


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