Sashiko Wrap & Scarf Bundle

This beautiful geometric design inspired by the traditional Japanese stitching method of sashiko is worked in a Fairisle pattern and can be knitted as a scarf or a bigger wrap. Japanese Sashiko (which quite literally means little stabs) is a beautiful yet simple art form and is made up of up and down incisions of the needle thread called running stitch.  Best worked on darker fabrics, we've gone for Coal and White Rose as our original colourway but we've created some vibrant colourways for you below if you fancy something a little different!

Each scarf kit is made up of eight balls of Pip Colourwork (four in each shade), while each wrap kit comes with twelve balls of Pip Colourwork (six in each shade). Both kits come with a printed version of the pattern.

Type: Gifts & Kits

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