Yarn Bowl


Margaret L Glackin  is a locally based Ceramic Artist, she studied studio ceramics in Leeds and Harrogate.

She has created a range of Yarn Bowls specially for us here at baa ram ewe. Yarn Bowls are great - you pop your yarn in and thread it through one of the holes or slots. Then you can knit to your heart's content without the yarn rolling on the floor or becoming entangled. Yarn bowls as both highly functional and individual pieces of art.

These Yarn Bowls are all individual and have their own personalities-no two are the same! The Yarn Bowls are individually hand thrown on Margaret's electric wheel, using stoneware clay, from the "Earth Stone" range of clays.

Please note that these are handmade pieces and will may vary slightly from the image shown. Pictured with a 50g ball of yarn for scale.


Type: Gifts & Kits

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