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"Well known brands [sit] alongside more unusual, local yarns that showcase the vibrancy and rich heritage of Yorkshire’s wool producers.” Ysolda Teague, Knitting Designer extraordinaire

"An amazing shop with a really lively atmosphere and ultra friendly staff and customers which welcomes all knitters." Woolly Wormhead, wicked knitted hat designer

“your money is going toward a revitalization of local wool production—helping preserve skills and ensure a genetic diversity in the wool pool that, ultimately, will benefit us all.” Clara Parkes, review of Titus yarn,


Store of the Month - June 2016

June 03, 2016

You can find our yarns all over the world, and we love to show you the wonderful places that stock them. This month we're featuring Knitty City in New York.

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Blogger Q&A: Kate from A Playful Day

February 25, 2016

Top knitting blogger Kate from A Playful DayThis month's Blogger Q & A is with Kate from A Playful Day, who tells us why a stressful job inspired her to do something for herself every day.


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