July 20, 2017

Field Notes: Why we love Dovestone Natural Chunky

Clem sweater in Dovestone Natural Chunky - part of the Learn to Knit at Home collection from baa ram ewe

One of the best things about picking up a new yarn is seeing how it behaves compared to your old favourites. In the case of Dovestone Natural Chunky, we're loving getting to know its drape and definition - and putting it to good use in some gorgeous patterns.

Above is the gorgeous Clem sweater, part of the new Learn to Knit at Home collection, created by Alison Moreton. We asked Alison about the inspiration behind it, and the collection as a whole.

To see what she had to say - plus get a special offer on Dovestone Natural Chunky and the Learn to Knit at Home collection when you buy together - click here.

July 13, 2017

Field Notes: Welcome to the new season

baa ram ewe Big Balls are added to the range for Autumn-Winter 2017.

Welcome to the new season!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've shared some of the yarns and patterns we're introducing as part of our new Autumn-Winter 2017 range. We kept a few surprises up our sleeves and we're really excited to be able to reveal them to you now.

Meet baa ram ewe Big Balls, pictured above. They're inspired by the baa ram ewe colours that you know and love, and are made from 100% British wool, scoured and combed in Yorkshire. They're ideal for using in spinning, arm knitting, felting - or just for display! We've loved getting our hands on these gorgeous 1kg Big Balls of beautifully soft wool, and they're already turning heads in the shop. If you want to bag your Big Balls before they run out, click here

To find out more about all our new season products, click here and read the latest edition of Field Notes.

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