baa ram ewe Christmas Foodbank Appeal

baa ram ewe Christmas Foodbank Appeal

I don’t know about you, but this Christmas it feels that way more people are more conscious of what they are spending, what gifts they are buying- or making- and where they are choosing to buy them. It’s heart-warming to see and infectious too. The benefits to recipients, local businesses and shoppers themselves are obvious and important and I feel strongly that we can all contribute to making this time of year good for as many people as possible, not just those who can afford it.

Food is a huge part of Christmas: both preparing it and sharing it. For the past few years I have spent my Christmas Day serving Christmas Dinners to older people in my neighbourhood who are on their own and who may struggle to get to the shop or can’t afford a turkey with all the trimmings. It has transformed my Christmas experience from being a difficult time on my own to bringing happiness or even just company to others in need. This year I would like to do more.

Throughout December baa ram ewe will be part of Leeds Foodbank’s ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ appeal. We want to raise £500 to spend on much needed food supplies for those who need it most in our area. For every single retail sale we make in December we will put 10% towards our target, donating the equivalent amount in food to a local foodbank each week.The idea of a parent, worried that they can’t provide Christmas Dinner for their children, or an older person going hungry because of rising fuel costs is something we can all play a part in ending. I hope you feel you can give us your support, however small, to help us reach our £500 target.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from us all here at baa ram ewe.

Verity x

Founder of baa ram ewe

August 28, 2019


August may feel a little early to start thinking about warm sweaters but it is the perfect time, especially as now is the time in the year when everyone starts to cast on their sweaters for Rheinbeck. A little tradition that every year, attendees of the famous yarn show in New York State wear their hand-knitted sweaters to the show.

Check out the fabulous Hadley Pullover by Véronik Avery in Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No.2 in our Winterburn Aran. We absolutely love it!

Mason-Dixon said “With the Hadley, Véronik Avery has hit the sweet spot. Hadley (the name inspired by the first Mrs. Hemingway, who had sporty chic for days) has a roomy but shaped silhouette, for flattering ease, and a modern, simple colorwork pattern that recalls European colorwork and Native American trade blankets at the same time.” Swoon!

Knitted in our Winterburn Aran you can get the pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting as either a printed book here or a digital book here. This handy chart will help you work out the yardage for your size.

Hadley Pullover photos credit: Gale Zucker

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