Caring For Your Wool

We recommend hand washing your carefully knitted garments. 

1. Using lukewarm water and a gentle wool detergent, soak your knitted garment for around 15-30 mins. 

For wool detergent, we recommend Little Beau Sheep's Wool & Cashmere Laundry Detergent, a gentle washing liquid designed for natural fibers. The natural lanolin content in woolly wash refreshes the texture of wool leaving your washing feeling soft and smiling fresh.

2. Remove, gently squeezing out excess water. Lay your garment on a clean towel and roll up, being sure not to wring out. 

3. Leave to dry flat. 

Wool garments do not need to be washed regularly and so this process does not need to be done often. When possible, spot clean stains with a cloth before washing your garment entirely.  If it’s a freshen up you’re after, simply leave your knitted garment to air out in the fresh air.  

Avoid hanging your knitted garments to prevent stretching. We recommend keeping them in airtight containers to protect the wool from moths, you can also use cedar blocks or lavender bags as an extra deterrent.