Our Wool Breeds

At Baa Ram Ewe, we have a passion for wool and have made it our mission to share the beautiful natural properties of this sustainable fibre through a range of luxurious, breed-specific yarns that highlight the difference in qualities from sheep to sheep.

Each fleece differs from one breed of sheep to the next, with varying fibre length, softness and strength having an effect on the overall texture of the resulting yarn. Knowing the difference between each breed can be a good starting point for choosing a yarn for your next knitting, crochet or weaving project.

With more than 60 pure breeds, British sheep have a long and rich history and their wool is renowned for its quality and versatility. These breeds can be categorised into seven main groups: fine, medium, cross, lustre, hill, mountain and naturally coloured. Whether you’re looking for a soft and luxurious yarn for a delicate garment or a hardwearing and durable yarn for a practical project, there’s a British sheep breed that’s perfect for you.

100% of our wool comes from non-mulesed sheep.

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Bluefaced Leicester (Lustre)

Evolved during the last century in the Tyne & Wear Valleys and the hills of east Cumbria, this breed produces a fine, long-staple wool that is known for its softness and lustre. As well as being soft, this fibre also holds the strength needed to create long-lasting garments that can be treasured over time. With a broad muzzle and tightly curled, semi-lustrous wool, it is the dark blue skin on the sheep’s head that gave the breed its name.

Handle: Lustrous and silky

Staple length: 8-15cm

Micron range: 26

Where we source it: UK


Masham (Cross)

Produced by crossing a Teeswater or Wensleydale ram with a Northern hill ewe such as the Swaledale or Dalesbred, this hardy sheep produces a soft, demi-lustre fleece.

Handle: Soft/demi-lustre

Staple length: 12-25cm

Micron range: 33.5

Where we source it: UK


Organic British Wool

This GOTS certified raw material is grown in the UK by British farmers that adhere to strict ethical standards and is graded by hand by the British Wool Board. It is then scoured, spun and dyed in the UK to create our Eden yarn.

Staple length: 8.5-9cm

Micron range: 31-32

Where we source it: UK



Classified as hair and not wool, the smooth texture of alpaca fibres provides a natural light-reflecting lustre, resulting in a soft and silky yarn that feels luxurious to knit with. 75% of the alpaca population can be found in Peru, where flocks roam freely in the Andes mountains.

Staple length: 8.5-9cm

Micron range: 28-30

Where we source it: Andean Mountains of Peru



Developed in Spain, Merino sheep are world famous for having one of the highest quality fleece of any breed of sheep. The short and fine fibres used in Merino yarn create a luxurious and soft texture that has all the resilience needed to create a long-lasting piece of knitwear.

Staple length: 8cm

Micron range: 24-25

Where we source it: Spain

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